Setting Up a Mac

I decided to use my old Mac as a personal SSH connecting machine and for light local development. Here's the steps I took so I can do it again if I ever have to

Tim Roberts

1 minute read

Step 1: Download Firefox

I do not like Safari at all so let’s go download Firefox and sync our devices

Step 2: Install iTerm

The default terminal for Mac isn’t up to my liking. Let’s go ahead and install iTerm

Step 3: Install Alfred

The default launcher isn’t anything to laugh about but Alfred is pretty great. Let’s install it as well

Step 4: Install Homebrew

Pretty much everything we install with Mac is via Homebrew so let’s get that going

Step 5: Install zsh

zsh > bash

Step 6: Install oh-my-zsh

We like pretty things

Step 7: Install Spaceship Prompt


Step 8: Install NVM

We are a Node type of person so let’s install that as well

Step 9: Install Docker

Mac makes you download everything at once so we don’t need to care about compose or swarm separately