Radarr and Jackett: Get Your Automation On

Today we learn how to set up Jackett and Radarr so that we can automate the downloading of our content.

Tim Roberts

5 minute read

As I have started to take more seriously my attention and what I consume, I have had this internal urge to start owning all of the content that I consume. Even if I had to ask the outside world for the information once, I wanted to be able to ask my network for the information from that point forward. Case in point: movies.

Throw Away Code

We spend our time focusing on how we can build code that will last forever. I think we should learn to throw it all away.

Tim Roberts

7 minute read

No one wants to write bad code. There’s no programmer out there that is trying to miscommunicate with their computer. In fact, I’d say that for the majority of us, we get an immense sense of pride, accomplishment, and dare I say self-meaning from the code that we write. Of course we’d want what we write to stand the test of time, to live on like the bank mainframes of our grandfathers. Why wouldn’t we?

Setting Up a Mac

I decided to use my old Mac as a personal SSH connecting machine and for light local development. Here's the steps I took so I can do it again if I ever have to

Tim Roberts

1 minute read

I do not like Safari at all so let’s go download Firefox and sync our devices